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Educating Citizen on Civic Rights through Theatre

According to International standards of Democracy, it is the role of Governments to provide spaces for its citizenry to access relevant information as well as services. Of these two, one cannot exist without the other – whichever you take up first! There’s a saying that goes like this; if you want to hide something from an African, put it in writing. Readership traits are practiced under on the contexts of examinations beyond that, reading is accorded second fiddle priority. It is certain that how information is package, influences in a major way the reception and reaction by the perceived audience.
In Eastern Uganda, villagers in Namutumba District like any other semi or non-urbanite constituencies with poor communication infrastructures and as such, limited access to channels of free flowing information such as internet there is a high dependency on development agencies to bridge the gap.  In Kibaale, Nsinze and Kibaale Sub Counties in Namutumba District, support programs have mai…

Inspirational Message

When you are born, usually you born into a dynasty or an empire. You are born as a junior following into your father’s footsteps. Your always told your father he did this and that. There’s none of that in the outer city. I call it outer city because here, the Youth are left out. There’s no nothing. They don’t get no family heirlooms because instead of them fulfilling their prophecies they have to start one. Instead of them doing a good job and carrying on an empire, they have to build one. That’s a hec of job for any youngster – male or female to have to build their empire. For someone else living in the inner city, the real inner city who when he/she is born; at 16 years he gets a car, there’s money in the bank for college on Christmas they go to vacation somewhere. It’s like you have got a friend you never look out for. Everybody needs a little help in their way to being self-reliant. As a country, Uganda need to help these Youth but it needs to be real and it needs to be before th…