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Friends, or so...

I gave you a foot, now you want my whole leg

What do you do when life gets too hard for you? Shed tears, or is that too hard for you? Am just a man - reflection of my family meaning you don't have one to understand me. I have family and friend, the only difference between me and you is that i don't care about a lot of things. I care about those who are dying and they needed someone, i care about the children in the streets - they have dreams. Finally we have a young president, look at what they treat him. kids are starving in Africa, why do "parents" have them. What happened to my favorite musician? I miss it, you too. I guess we feel like Micheal Jackson.
The living, the dead, these times i live in, my life, at times its Ger, others Felix, adjacent to myself, they ain't chasing the same thing so i let all of my pain be painless. They say the end of the world is coming and i know its here because pastors are loosing their minds, the rich are richer and not caring for the poor, the poor are so poor that the…

A Letter to Felix

The prerequisite for greatness is the people that know their God!

Regret is poor company!