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Is Kenya steadily playing catch up to Al Shabaab?

It’s been “a minute” since the West Gate siege and silly me; I thought that as a government, citizenry and republic at some point in between the “heavy gun fire exchange” with “a lot” of terrorist at the then prestigious and soon again about to be…West Gate mall, some of us if not all…whipped out our notebooks and pens, wrote on our palms, unleashed our array of gadgets and took notes. Well, we did not. Rather, we contributed money…wept and shoved the entire disaster to the back and for a few days sustained the buzz on social media while waxing lyrical at TVs & radio interviews and church sessions and at our estate dingy & posh drinking dens and gossip hair-do palours re-told the entire siege blow by blow (notwithstanding the fact that we were not even in the vicinity of the upmarket Westlands area) swearing how others made mistakes and how we could do it better….if only.
First forward, as a citizen I lost young country men and women who were gearing up to do great and revoluti…

Am trapped inside a MAZE

In this life, things happen to us, our loved ones and yes, our enemies too but as human beings we can bare seldom put rhyme into reason as to why they happen in our lives, at the time they happen and for the length of time they stay on or with us. Normally after going through an ordeal in this or in a different order, as mere mortals we are so drained that we hardly ever draw lessons. It is a nightmare just standing in my shoes at such times but of course i do not show this to people who look up to me, just as the career path which i chose which enables me to reach out to someone and tell them that despite what they are going through, everything is going to be alright, at my darkest hour - many as they are though never shown - i also need someone to walk up to me and just whisper those few words; its going to be alright. None ever does though.
For now am retracing my steps to see where i fell a human being - yes i fell off a couple of times and jumped back onto the straight an…

I won’t let nothing ever stop my SHINE!

The Lord knows my struggle and he knows I try, I won’t let nothing ever stop my shine. I know there is something better in store for me than this ordinary life that I live and as I raise my head to the sky, I know sometimes I have to swallow my pride, Lord I know it was just never meant to be – this ordinary life that I live.
Imagine living on the mountain next door to the sky overlooking the tree tops watching the birds’ fly, imagine what that life is like. No more hardships and drama just comfort and wealth, no colds and flus we all live with infinite health, no reasons for tears, blood spreading and everything else that comes with it - we all winning with no reason to doubt. Back to reality, back to the unsatisfying salary the day to day struggle that my family suffers for and when it seems like it gets a bit better gradually the casualty will take place leaving people unhappy. But still I move forward, hoping for better things and that one day I live it instead of imagining. My nec…