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Biesshop Ger Odock

Something is happening Busiki. Something is happening in our world!

Something is happening. Something is happening in Busiki! It’s always good to have your closest friend say something about you. The Youth of Namutumba are the closest friends whom I have here in Uganda. I was delighted to see each and every one of them at Ivukula Sub County Dialogue and Reporting Meeting in spite of a storm warning. This revealed that they are determined to grow and go anyhow, anyway.  Something is happening with the Youth, something is happening in Busiki!
I am just happy that I work with Action Aid in this region supporting the Youth since I know somehow that only when it is dark enough can you see the star and I see the star in the Youth as they rise up. Individually the Youth are poor and desperate; collectively they are richer and calculated.
On the rainy morning of 2nd May 2014, I saw the actualization of my mental picture – a picture that I spent weeks “painting” with the Youth to come together and have a dialogue with the local leaders. Late night calls, rough… i understand it!

Religion If God give me breathe for 20 more years, I see myself changing the world because my tough processes are so different from what is the norm.
I am the religion that to me is the realest religion that there is. To me, if you take one of the ‘Os’ in Good is God! If you take add a ‘D’ to evil is the Devil. I believe God blesses us. I believe God blesses those that hustle, those that use their mind and those that overall are righteous. I believe that everything that you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that’s bad I’m going to have to suffer for it. But in my heart I think that what I’m doing is right – so am going to heaven.
I think Heaven is when you sleep, you sleep with a good conscience and you don’t have nightmares and hell is when you sleep, the last thing you see are the evil things you did in your life and you see it over and over again. You don’t burn because if that is the case then, then its hell on earth because there are people who got burnt in fire, th…

Me for the world: Interview in Kibera, largest slum in Africa

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