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By Myself

Humans. Human beings. My fellow beings. You can call me what you want; black and ugly but you can’t convince me that the lord don’t love me. At the end of the day more often than not am contented with the work of my hands, the hands that the Lord has allowed me to use. Still, someone somewhere has a problem with that. You call me lucky, why can’t it just be that am blessed?
I have a date with my future as such am a track star running through life chasing my dreams. I zone off sometimes thinking what heaven is and what is hell; if so what happens to a changed man and woman who die in their cells in Uganda’s Luzira and Kenya’s Kamiti? I need no answers to these questions because time will tell since I have a date with my destiny, she is my virtual girl-friend, and she’s more than a girl.

Don’t much good come from me but my work it’s a gift given from God, so ama’ use it. I put a message in my handy work and verbs hope it brightens your day, if times are hard when you read it, see it …

I (we) forgot the forgotten!

These are some hard times we living in; churches burning, planes falling from the sky, murder, diseases. Schools turned to war zones, even homes are unsafe leaving children abandoned and self-raised. Its time something is done for our young kids, they growing hopeless and that ain’t the way to live. This is just a little something to show them some happiness again, they are going blind.
Seeds were planted and they hatched and now there is poverty. In Uganda’s Busoga Region - Eastern Uganda there is no poverty. This ain’t poverty. It’s much more. For the affluent, poverty is defined by amount of money one has, access to health care and maybe, proper housing. Well, today the affluent will understand poverty since it’s not understood. They need to understand it. I am talking about the impact of poverty. Not Poverty!
The best investment one people can make in their lives is not Education but Health. Without proper health, all human faculties are in a way affected. In Nsinze and Ivukula Sub…

I Know A Man

I just want to talk about him and maybe you will discover who i am talking about as i go down the way because he was a great man, He just went about serving.  He was born in an obscure village, the child of a poor peasant woman. He grew up in another obscure village where he work until he was 30 years old and then for three years, he jus got to his feet and he went about doing somethings: he did not have much; he never wrote a book; he never held an office; he never had a family; he never owned a house; he never went to college; he never visited a big city. He did none of the usual things that the world would associate with greatness; he had no credentials but himself. People called him a trouble maker. They said he was an agitator, he practiced civil disobedience; he broke injunctions and so he was turned over to his enemies and went through the mockery of a trial and the irony of it all is that his friend turned him over. One of his closest friends denied him. While he was dying, t…