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What are Social Movements?

Social Movements are instrumental to changing the path of a society. When a group of people come together with a shared idea, they can create lasting effect by encouraging change in a society or by resisting it; both of which will shape the future of their society. But a social movement is not just a group of people with an idea. If that were the case, every little group with a noble idea would be a social movement. Social movements need organization, leadership and resources if they ever hope to gain momentum and make an impact. There are different forms of movements depending on their goal. Activist movements are aimed at changing various aspects in the society while reactionary movements are actively trying to resist change. Earlier in the commencement of social movements, people were skeptical of the motivation of those involved in the social movements. They were seen as dysfunctional, irrational and dangerous and that people would only join because the social movements provided c…

Why Do Young People Engage in Social Movements?

Young people have helped drive social movements around the world. From protesting the established order and furthering new ideas, Young People are often at the front-line of political and social transformations hoping to make the world a better place.
Reasons for Young People participation in movements vary. Compared to adults, Young People often have larger social networks which can serve as conduits for the transmission of ideas and mobilization. Young People are more inclined to be innovative in their use of media. They may adapt the latest technologies to help spread their message and mission. Also, Young People may have more time and bandwidth than older generations giving them a greater chance to take risk and fight the status quo. Altogether, reasons such as these make Young People participation in Social Movements an incredibly powerful element!