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Ye know not what ye ask!

According to St Mark; Chapter10Verse 35; James and John made a specific request of the master, they had dreamed as most of the Hebrews dreamt of the coming King of Israel who would set Jerusalem free and establish his kingdom on Mount Zion and in righteousness, rule the world. They thought of Jesus as this kind of King and they were thinking of that day when Jesus would reign supreme as this new King of Israel and they were saying “ when you establish your Kingdom let one of us sit on the right and the other on the left hand of your throne.
Now very quickly, we would automatically condemn James and John and we would say they were selfish, why they would make such a selfish request. But before we condemn them too quickly, let us look calmly and honestly at ourselves today and we will discover that we too have those basic desires for recognition, that same desire for attention, that same desire to be first. Of course the other disciples got mad at James and John but we must understand t…

Transforming a Neighborhood into a Brotherhood

My brothers and sisters, we are only beginning. We still have a long long way to go and I would like to share with you the burden on my heart about the problems that still confront us. If I would use a subject for what I am talking about, I would call it; Transforming a neighborhood into a brotherhood. I want to try and tell you the truth; i want to speak honestly and frankly about many problems that we face in our nation and this world. I believe that freedom is the bonus we receive for telling the truth and as Jesus said, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set ye free”. Transforming a neighborhood into a brotherhood.
Now there can be no gainsaying of the fact that Uganda has brought its people – downtrodden and rich alike - to an all inspiring threshold of the future. We have built gigantic buildings to kiss the skies, we have placed time in chains and we have curved highways midair. This is what our nation has done. What I want to say to you my friends is that when we look…

Putting a cap on runaway GBV: The case of Action Aid and UWONET partnership in Busiki

While I thought I knew Gender Based Violence, prior to working in Uganda I had no basic idea about the negative impact that GBV has to an individual, a family, a community and the society at large. Well, 9 months later I bare seldom condone it neither its perpetrators. I have come to know that rights abuses range from physical and psychological abuses to those of property, resource, allocations and/or ownership at household level. This practice is further exuberated on the basis of lack relevant information and awareness on GBV alleviation by communities and in particular, women and girls. While appreciating the women and girls suffer the most, men also bare the same brut effect of GBV albeit few cases are recorded. I am shocked and surprised that Busoga Sub Region in Eastern Uganda is at the apex of Gender Based Violence violations and that the violations are in one way or another, associated with HIV/AIDS infections.
According to Esther Kisembo - Legal Officer based in Mubende, As c…

Linking Youth Ventures and Social Media

The development agenda is the most important debates of our time and all the while, the decapitating effects of poverty are far reaching and entrenched in Uganda just like any other developing nation. This is a fact that most people who are in one way or another, directly and indirectly affected by it have resorted to conform to and understand how to live with.
Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world (over 50% are aged under 15 years, and up to 78% are aged under 30 years), Uganda has the potential, can and should play a major role in championing the youth agenda at the global level particularly in influencing and occasion the reality of Youth industrialization to focus on self-employment.
Despite their numbers, young people currently face challenges and huddles setting up, articulating their agenda for the core goal of influencing global and local decision-making processes that affect their well-being. Young people need to lobby government at the highest decision maki…

Am stuck in the mud and if i make it out then am stark in the dark.

Small babies got babies now they fighting other, our dogs their dogs have rabies and they biting each other. I have got to be blind, miss sign after sign, time after time, half the time, half the time. I don’t like anybody and they don’t like me more and am good with that. I am living in prison and losing my religion and on thanks giving, am thankful just for living each day. I don’t mean to be harsh but we are stuck in the mud and if we make it out then we are still stark in the dark.
Things are changing so i better read the signs; I am only concerned about me and mine at this time. The world is a jungle where peace is not a part of. I believe God and pray he helps me out. People spending too much time hating on each other, they buy guns load them up and aim at each other. The victims is you and me, but deep in me there is a part that wants nothing but love and so I stay ready and never rely on luck asking God to point out for me the impossible.
Multiple households sleeping hungry toni…

I’ve wronged my society calling myself a human-god, calling myself a prophet!

Though overdue, today fall down on my knees and repent to you my God, my family and society. I have committed many wrongs and many more evils by my position, the position that the society entrusted in me. Forgive me!
I have wronged the society calling myself a human-god, called myself a prophet. Almighty God, kindly remember my soul, I am now on my knees I promise to obey you.
The time has come for me fellow Kenyans, the things that I did in darkness I now set light upon them. Since I asked for your votes, votes which you overwhelmingly gave me therein entrusting your tomorrow with me, instead I caused an economic melt-down. Votes became food, I flourished on bribes and slowly by steadily I changed my taste in life and societal class becoming one of the few affluent. I insisted so much on issues of employment, but inside the lair that I am, I passed out positions overlooking merit at will making my leadership lose focus - it’s better to have mere leadership than good leadership and an…

All this judgment on other lives needs to stop!

These are some hard times we living in; churches burning, planes falling from the sky, murder. This is just a little something to help you get through the day – if it could.
In my life away from the streets: It was more than a tragedy, emotions be grabbing me plane fell from the sky I am trying to figure what happened. Burning churches mocking God, who can be so cruel? We are all ignorant to AIDS till it happens to you. Just be a man, make plans and listen to your voice – a woman’s trying to make decisions, you should give her a choice. What am I living for? Am giving more back than taking? I am on my knees still waiting for my own salvation but i feel abandoned because the less fortunate next to me say that am greedy, it’s so easy to regret things after they are done.
In the life of a boy in the streets: In his world will it get worse when he has been trapped since birth he had to sleep in a hearse because it was his bed first. His grandparents are probably turning in their graves; the…