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Every day you should hold your faith The cemetery is full of despaired souls who could not wait Every day many read the book of Psalms and meditate But they don’t have anything to come off meditation for Some aim for the gold, some aim for the penny, some wait upon God Listen to your mother, she will tell you as it is – straight, but still offer much priceless support Life is like concentrated juice, you have to concentrate Life is not a movie, but a lions’ gate – you have to think twice about each step And even when you are feeling down, get off from the ground Straighten your back, because when you’re down you can’t stand up at once Patience is not about waiting, but more of how you act while you are waiting Always aim for the top, never look back
This is life as it is.

What is a Significant Success Story?

A success story shows an organization or individual making a difference in people’s lives. It describes a positive change and shows how that change benefits the people of a given area of intervention.
A great success story applies the use of evidence to show the value of our interventions in terms measurable changes in knowledge, skills, motivation, behavior, decision making, practices, policies, social action, social, economic and environmental conditions that derive from a cause-and-effect relationship.
You can write a success story about an entire project, program or part of a program (i.e. activity) that is particularly noteworthy and significant in terms of results and its impacts. It may be about an innovation, emergency response or outstanding effort. Whatever you choose to write about, your story should show your intervention making a difference in targeted areas.
Why is it important for an Organization, Group or Individual to write success stories? 
• To show accountability for …