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Making a Shift from Schooling to Learning

There are different initiatives geared at guiding the Education sector in Uganda. Among many, these are as community level campaigns and mobilization, flexible, child centered and responsive curriculum, actualization and mainstreaming of Universal Primary Education (UPE) policy. The greatest challenge to teacher training and development which should pre-occupy ActionAid Busiki LRP has to do with; inclusivity, internal refresher courses and mainstreaming multi-grade, multi-shift and non-formal education approaches within the RIGHTS framework. Improving participation indicators in ECCD and E, Primary and Vocational training should also be core as a strategy.
It is imperative that civil society plays a crucial role as a ‘watchdog’ to monitor these commitments, track expenditure, school management, influence education outcomes and patterns to anchor and guide strategic quality intervention for effectiveness. This should be envisaged as a regular institutionalized mechanism or processes to…

Youth Communities are in need of people that will LEAD!

In Uganda, Youth - the Community - has for a longtime been synonymous with poverty, exploitation, displacement, corruption, early pregnancies, lack of basic skills for development and exclusion in national and local government planning, in-effective youth adult partnerships, non-participation of youth are some of the key bottlenecks facing Uganda’s Youth! This is indicative of the immense pressure on Youth on multiple levels.
ActionAid Busiki LRP reviewed its Youth engagements and shifted focus to monitoring acquired skills, supporting income generating ventures and harnessing leadership possibilities.  Prior to this, Youth qualitative growth trends across the three sub counties that ActionAid Busiki LRP works in had been slow but steady over the years and a number of initiatives taken in the recent years has started yielding qualitative results.
The paradigm shift kicked off on its course in 2013, but over the past year, it has been extended to a number of strategic approaches to guar…

Success is an unfaithful girlfriend to me

I am search of success, she keeps eluding me. If only we can be together momentarily, we can make history. Why won’t you visit me? Until she visits me, am stuck with her sister, her name is failure. She gives me agony. So much agony; she brings me so much pain, so much misery like failing your end year exam and fall unto your knees as the rest cheer. I practiced so much for this moment, success please don’t leave. I know what this means, I am stuck in this routine – a whole new different day, same old pain. All I gat is dreams that no one else could see, nobody else believes, nobody else but me. Where are u success? I need you desperately.
So now am flirting with failure as success is not watching, I took chances repeatedly. Before I got proactive I could not face she. I swear I met success and but never lived together not for a day. She is good for the touch, she is good for the moment but she is never enough. Everybody has had her but me. Something tells me there is much more to see …