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And if my life could just rewind….

Without no money, no one can buy your company. Without money you alone can’t face your life story. I couldn’t buy cornflakes; on those wet early mornings when I woke up I ate white ants and walked bare feet since I could not afford slippers. All that did not mind for me since I had a dream that I was going to achieve one way or another and cut like scissors before my soul care giver could leave me.
I got a dream last night, saying am going to be large than life, I had to get convincing since I saw life as a strife and everybody who is in love is looking at love as their icon. No one taught me to make money or anything, life is all bring and everybody looked different to me. If my life could just rewind, like a piece of thread I would feel happy with the little things I had and the simple life I lived. I would respect greenwich in the meantime but now I cannot change you, you’re my life line since am sharp like knife and you should peel fine.