Making a Shift from Schooling to Learning

There are different initiatives geared at guiding the Education sector in Uganda. Among many, these are as community level campaigns and mobilization, flexible, child centered and responsive curriculum, actualization and mainstreaming of Universal Primary Education (UPE) policy. The greatest challenge to teacher training and development which should pre-occupy ActionAid Busiki LRP has to do with; inclusivity, internal refresher courses and mainstreaming multi-grade, multi-shift and non-formal education approaches within the RIGHTS framework. Improving participation indicators in ECCD and E, Primary and Vocational training should also be core as a strategy.

It is imperative that civil society plays a crucial role as a ‘watchdog’ to monitor these commitments, track expenditure, school management, influence education outcomes and patterns to anchor and guide strategic quality intervention for effectiveness. This should be envisaged as a regular institutionalized mechanism or processes to monitor competitive relevance of curriculum content at country, regional and international economic and development fronts, teacher skills, preparedness and performance, student comfort at home and school and numerical and literal comprehension. These are some of the basic key yard sticks in supporting and motoring government commitment to education, planning and policy implementation and finally, provision of a body of alternative data/statistics to shadow government self-assessments. 


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