All this judgment on other lives needs to stop!

These are some hard times we living in; churches burning, planes falling from the sky, murder. This is just a little something to help you get through the day – if it could.

In my life away from the streets: It was more than a tragedy, emotions be grabbing me plane fell from the sky I am trying to figure what happened. Burning churches mocking God, who can be so cruel? We are all ignorant to AIDS till it happens to you. Just be a man, make plans and listen to your voice – a woman’s trying to make decisions, you should give her a choice. What am I living for? Am giving more back than taking? I am on my knees still waiting for my own salvation but i feel abandoned because the less fortunate next to me say that am greedy, it’s so easy to regret things after they are done.

In the life of a boy in the streets: In his world will it get worse when he has been trapped since birth he had to sleep in a hearse because it was his bed first. His grandparents are probably turning in their graves; they never got to see how he will age. The streets have him feeling like he is on cloud nine and his death ain’t far. He was raised without his mother or his father so tell him something; does God look at him funny? Rest in peace to his mother…rest in peace to his father…rest in peace to his grandparents. Some days he is in a crowed all by himself, even if he Iooks around, he is still by himself.  It’s hard to tell who really cares for him, so when you finish reading this, you should say a prayer for him. He thinks about nothing more but life, what else? He knows his life is not promised and that’s why the words move in silence, he analyses these scandalous times – it’s hard but he manages.

Schools have been turned to war zones even homes are unsafe raising children to hate. Its time something is done for our young kids, they growing hopeless and that ain’t the way to live. It’s plain to see that the seeds from you and me are going to be the ones to lead us towards a just humanity, that’s if we treat them right and teach them right – raise your kids better than you were and see what it does.


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