Never EVER question God’s plan

Once upon a time not too long ago, I was born amongst poverty but motivated by a dream. My ambition was strong and all the while I was following God’s path - I could never go wrong. I took a road less travelled and I got a few scraps but the journey was all worth it just to achieve that dream.  Mama told me I would make it but some fools just laughed but I remember how the bible say, ‘the first shall be last’. Even though everyone skipped over me, i ignored all the haters and perfected my craft. I hold no grudge I just forgave and forgot.

If you want to see a miracle, well here I am. Word of advice; Never EVER question God’s plan. I started down at the very bottom but hard work patience and skills I’ve got them. Never let another person ruin your dreams even when you’re at your lowest it ain’t bad as it seems instead of slamming around the house crying woe is me, thank God for what you have got and go get back on your feet.

Open up your eyes and take a good long look, coz the definition of you, you can’t find in a book. You can’t make a shilling out of 50cents, your bills are late and your struggling to make that rent; I know the hard times have you feeling like your being run over but keep on pushing. Don’t’ ever let nobody talk you out of being you just put God first and the trying times will pass through. Just look at me, i am like a living example. If I can make it, you can make it!


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