I won’t let nothing ever stop my SHINE!

The Lord knows my struggle and he knows I try, I won’t let nothing ever stop my shine. I know there is something better in store for me than this ordinary life that I live and as I raise my head to the sky, I know sometimes I have to swallow my pride, Lord I know it was just never meant to be – this ordinary life that I live.

Imagine living on the mountain next door to the sky overlooking the tree tops watching the birds’ fly, imagine what that life is like. No more hardships and drama just comfort and wealth, no colds and flus we all live with infinite health, no reasons for tears, blood spreading and everything else that comes with it - we all winning with no reason to doubt. Back to reality, back to the unsatisfying salary the day to day struggle that my family suffers for and when it seems like it gets a bit better gradually the casualty will take place leaving people unhappy. But still I move forward, hoping for better things and that one day I live it instead of imagining. My neck is tilted up, my head to the clouds, my feet to the ground – Lord come talk to me.

Back to my life, back to my job, back to slave that’s working from 9-5, back to reality and no it ain't big, back to the drama, the same old chores talking toll on my working hands. The Lord knows I ain't no factory working man, I feel like an old man trying to support a family and mad at the world coz the world does not understand me. Every day I hope and pray for the right cause, and even if my life gets harder I have God, am feeling so much pressure my shoulders am brushing off all hardships and am able to carry on. I know I ain't perfect but you know I have to try. I’m talking to you Lord.

Every day I wake up, am frustrated it hurts not looking forward to the morning. It’s like am glued to my mattress, I can’t get out of my bed and at 4 am alarms are ringing in my head and I swallow my pride, I feel like am tied up in a knot….like am walking treadmill still in the same spot. Me, I don’t need binoculars to see the amount of stress on my shoulders am only a man so I take it to the gym and press as much as I can. I know there is more in store for me and the truth is I made a promise to myself that’s why I have to carry the torch. Talk to me Lord

This is Dedicated to;
Uganda’s Super lady; Ms. Lydia Aballa and Super man; Mr. Francis Mwalimu Isiko.

These are great two of the many great Ugandans that I know and respect for their hard work and dedication to their work.


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