God has a Face, you just have to believe

 If I had to play God for a day, I would open up the gates and let the world see my face, remove all doubt from the ones without faith and put them on the path of the straight - a safe place. The young who want to come outside and play, I would let their mums know that they would be okay. When you pray, I would respond so that you all could see a sign and I would answer all prayers one at a time if am God. All the stabbings, gunshots and war would come to cease and you would sleep without the fear of being woke and could get to your business without the fear of being robbed because I would let no harm come to you. No more drugs, you would not need it as you will have been cured of all diseases your whole entire life would have been graced – please forgive me, I was dreaming.

Just imagine if the devil had a day, if GOD would take a break and walk away - would you feel safe? If everything you loved turned into hate, would the dark angels’ evil show you grace? Only to be eaten by a snake….one life, one mistake; be careful of the choices that you make because one day, you will be staring at your feet, the sky and then the next you are underneath embracing death. I wonder when I sleep is he there, sitting on my chest dealing breathe shortening my days even less. Lost souls never rest – a killer walks the streets seeking flesh, an adolescent seeks suicide he is depressed, a priest who confesses, a judge judging wrongly will be judged, a father kills a son – look at life, it’s a mess. Just imagine what would happen if GOD ever left.

When all that you believed in was a lie, are you willing to accept it when you find out? Or try to reason with yourself that’s what it is when it’s not and not the whole world is going to cry. Politicians poison our minds and leave us blinded to the fact and if they keep us in the dark on how they act, we will react all surprised and not realize that it’s a trap, I thought religion was the answer - but the answer was not that. The church was given to us by GOD to be close to him, but we turned churches to channels of ripping from the poor instead of bridges to link the poor to GOD. What is the height of our sins? Is the end “so far” that we do not see the reality of our impending judgment? How will we be judged by GOD when its time? There are little babies doing drugs and walking around at night pulling guns, if the momma and a daddy took their time to raise their son, then the little girl would not be a momma before 21.

I am God's son and I believe in him despite never actually having seen him. I speak for those whose faith has not been fed…those who have not been provided with the platform to experience and celebrate God's greatness…those who are yet to be convinced that GOD sees and blesses them every mini-second of their lives as they pray;

“Who listens when we pray? Who pulls the strings of my world as I struggle from day break to dusk? Will you show your face? We don't want to wait 'til we die, waiting for my eyes to close.
Smile on us so that we see your face.


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