Buwago Parish Assembly unearths a neglected child

The reach of the Youth Assemblies cannot be gainsaid. This I confirmed today whilst in Buwago Parish amidst 40 young men and women. I already have a mental picture of what to expect now that the youths are getting vocal thanks to engagement spaces.

The past two days have been unique and today did not disappoint. Youths were given the opportunity to drive the assembly after being taken through a 45 minute long session on the core aim of the Assemblies, now and in future. Human rights, Education and Health were pet topics for the youth and real life portrayals did not fall short either. Emotion was evident and conviction was flawless.

Swabula Nanaiga is a 5 year old girl. She wears the face of a grown up deep in thought as if distressed from something she has no control over. Actually, she is distressed. She is hungry, her back is riddled with wounds as if that is not enough for such a tender being; she’s HIV+ and homeless.

His father died while Swabula was still a toddler. They actually never had a relation that she can recall. On learning that Swabula was HIV+, her mother abandoned her at a market. She was later taken up for support by a friend her mother.  It’s now been 1 year since she has had to grow up fast enough to be responsible and skip the playful stage.

Now, the “guardian” has had enough. She wants nothing to do with Swabula. The last meal she ate was on 28th Nov. 2013.


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