The prerequisite for greatness is the people that know their God!

The people that know their God, have a relationship with their God. You will be surprised of the huge number of people who go to church every Sunday and are not settled in their relationship with God. They love the idea of God but not necessarily the reality of God; they have unresolved issues with God.

Many people clap and sing and shout and are not remotely convinced that God even loves them. Many of us have been taught the kind of faith which says that; you have to earn his love - and at the back of your mind you’re not sure that you have paid the bill to be good enough to have his love and because you are not settled in your relationship with God, you can’t work the promises of God because you really are not sure he is talking to you.

God does not care for you….if God cared about you, why would you be in the mess you are in?  voices that say, either you are not good enough for God or God has not been good enough to you for you to be sure that he loves you. As such, at times i sit and ponder: Do you know your God or do you just know church? I find that many of us know church than we know God.

You cannot have the peace of God until you have peace with God. You want to understand the gift but not the giver; why would he give you peace when you and him don’t have peace? Don’t you understand that he did not go to the cross to be cool? He went to the cross to leave an indelible impression of what love looks like.

Besides him, who else went to the cross for you??


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