I’ve wronged my society calling myself a human-god, calling myself a prophet!

Though overdue, today fall down on my knees and repent to you my God, my family and society. I have committed many wrongs and many more evils by my position, the position that the society entrusted in me. Forgive me!

I have wronged the society calling myself a human-god, called myself a prophet. Almighty God, kindly remember my soul, I am now on my knees I promise to obey you.

The time has come for me fellow Kenyans, the things that I did in darkness I now set light upon them. Since I asked for your votes, votes which you overwhelmingly gave me therein entrusting your tomorrow with me, instead I caused an economic melt-down. Votes became food, I flourished on bribes and slowly by steadily I changed my taste in life and societal class becoming one of the few affluent. I insisted so much on issues of employment, but inside the lair that I am, I passed out positions overlooking merit at will making my leadership lose focus - it’s better to have mere leadership than good leadership and anyone who outsmarted me in wealth, I threatened him in life. I gave all the important things a back seat and became a first class graduate of threats. Anyone who is not defeated in anything will always achieve it at whatever time and cost.

At health centres I knew things were not good and that’s why I forced the taxpayer to fund flights abroad for all my relatives to treat ailments as basic as influenza. I did not care anything to do with health and anytime the people criticized me I ignored them. I jailed the innocent and when their relatives fell on my feet, I just ignored them. I had a nurtured a “dark heart” beyond belief because I did not care about the society from which I came. I invested time and money championing for goons since they calmed my conscience when they carried out their tasks. This led to my people living below humane conditions; I apportioned wealth to people abroad and caused confusion, did not defend my country from corruption and was happy to legalize bribery.

I witnessed as drought took over as people died of hunger and kept quiet and pretended not to know or understand. I always believed that for one to be rich, they have to steal and rob. I made the poor work for meager pay, I believed that the poor are bewitched and cannot be rich as I professed holiness. I advised my voters that if one gave birth, then they should take care of their own children; the orphans should not be cared for by me since an orphan is not your responsibility. Every day as I headed to “work” I saw but left the orphans to suffer in the streets, I did not care that their parents have left the world. Time has now reached and my conscience like a third party is calling upon me to atone, tears are rolling down my cheeks and I don’t know how to wipe them. The blood that got spilt is now reeking. In my dreams, those who died at my behest are now resurrecting. I have done so much evil I don’t deserve to be forgiven.

I have wronged the society calling myself a human-god, called myself a prophet. Almighty God remember my soul, I am now on my knees I promise to obey you.


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