Am stuck in the mud and if i make it out then am stark in the dark.

Small babies got babies now they fighting other, our dogs their dogs have rabies and they biting each other. I have got to be blind, miss sign after sign, time after time, half the time, half the time. I don’t like anybody and they don’t like me more and am good with that. I am living in prison and losing my religion and on thanks giving, am thankful just for living each day. I don’t mean to be harsh but we are stuck in the mud and if we make it out then we are still stark in the dark.

Things are changing so i better read the signs; I am only concerned about me and mine at this time. The world is a jungle where peace is not a part of. I believe God and pray he helps me out. People spending too much time hating on each other, they buy guns load them up and aim at each other. The victims is you and me, but deep in me there is a part that wants nothing but love and so I stay ready and never rely on luck asking God to point out for me the impossible.

Multiple households sleeping hungry tonight, in some of these households I hear screams of domestic violence, outside are chants of alcohol-happy male and female youth alongside their older counter parts who are on the verge of signing off on life. There is not much to wake up for, live for or anticipate the sunset for and at times i wonder when the world stopped caring. I will never understand the society, believe me even the most ruthless and heartless shed a tear. To the end I stare at this society wondering when someone will shed a tear for the downtrodden.

Now you seem them, now you don’t some of them are here for a moment and then they are gone, what happened to them? But let’s see, it seems to be a mystery but all i know is that I will never let the worldly lavish get to me. Now that I live in these conditions, who is going to catch me when I fall or care to? Why do you think i sees the society lost in my rear view?


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