Foreign aid eroding Kenya's fabric!

There is a fundamental mistake in the understanding of the issues of foreign policy by the government of Kenya. We can not continue making policies on the basis of support that Kenya gets from the developed Nations. It is not sustainable, effective and beyond that, can not work.

Our responsibility as a Nation is to charter a path on how we can develop our Nation, ourself. President Thomas Sankara did it jointly with the people of Bukinabe (now, Bukina Faso). It is a sorry state to have a Country like Kenya which is an East African power house with a leading economy regionally having more than half its budget being funded by the foreign states while what is collected locally is mismanaged, and stolen - shamelessly.

By now, Kenya SHOULD be in a position to finance its basic needs, ourself if ever we are still on course to achieve the 17 SDGs and the Country’s blue print of 2030. If we are going to look at the next fifty or so years to be a mid or second world economy, we can not continue on this uninformed trajectory of endless borrowing and offering the country as collateral to possible default.

It is imperative that there is a drastic cease from the endless narrative that, “young people have ingenuity, and resilience to take Kenya to the next level”. We need to get away from this and begin to build systems that they (young people) can believe in, engage in and drive towards harnessing the seen and unseen opportunities. However, currently the young perceive failures by the government to provide opportunities.

The main responsibility of leaders and citizens is to have functional systems of governance, systems that allow for accountability, diversity, freedom of expression and contribution to the national fabric. The Contribution of over 45million of Kenya’s populace is to see how to get rid of the begging cup and shift position to offer support.

There is a need to be clear on what we need to do as a national to take advantage of the young people population bulge and turn it to a human resource from a security risk. We can do it if we have two things; the political will and the correct mindset.


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