Lord please STOP the rain

Lord make me a light so I shine down on my kind, I know am safe with you if I help where I was helped. Her life ain’t what I thought it ought to have been; she is barely 30 but she buries her baby, she can’t even talk but she is already an adult, she had a lot to live for but the society killed him and she tries to walk on the straight and narrow but trouble follows him.
All of us are passers-by and for sure the corpse can’t wash itself however rich the owner of the soul – before death - was high and influential in the social standing. Guns don’t kill, its people who kill if the world is not asleep, I will look though in the third eye.

It’s the wrong time, we call the religious people holy but they truly are vampires baying for the poor man’s blood. The poor man who prays daily for God to open up a way for him. He has gone through much with trials of all sorts and that’s why he does not twitch when people say he is carrying more than he should. Other friends are not honest they think that every other cock crow means its morning and time to rise; his blessings you can’t deny maybe delay them.

God bless the souls of those who were hounded and killed themselves although we are all passers-by I believe life is a step. The words of men are poison, they cure and they kill please give me courage till the day you call upon me. Society count bad things only and shuts its eyes on the good things. They laugh with me on my face but bewitch me at heart, they laugh behind the scenes when I have problems and are fast to announce my troubles. They desire to scuttle what God has arranged for me and announce peace while plotting my fall.

I will be wearing black when I come, dear; the place where you sent me and millions of my kind has turned us into monsters maiming our own. Who would have ever thought that your one day which is my forever would be severed by a sharp knife, I’ve had just enough time and what I never did is done.


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