Success is an Unfaithful girl to me!

I am searching for success, she keeps eluding me. If only we can be together momentarily, we can make history. Why won’t you visit me? Until she visits me, am stuck with her sister, her name is failure. She gives me agony. So much agony; she brings me so much pain, so much misery like failing your end year exam and fall unto your knees as the rest cheer. I practiced so much for this moment, success please don’t leave. I know what this means, I am stuck in this routine – a whole new different day, same old pain. All I gat is dreams that no one else could see, nobody else believes, nobody else but me. Where are u success? I need you desperately.
So now am flirting with failure as success is not watching, I took chances repeatedly. Before I got proactive I could not face she. I swear I met success and but never lived together not for a day. She is good for the touch, she is good for the moment but she is never enough. Everybody has had her but me. Something tells me there is much more to see before I lose hope. I got to get lost; I have to find my feet to search for because together we have to make history.

Success will be my trophy white, she’s coming with me. We will have a “baby” who stutters repeatedly. I will name him my son. He is my legacy, son of my hard work, future of my past – he will explain who I be. I ain’t in it for the fame, that dies within weeks. I ain’t in it for the money; I can’t take it when I leave. I want to be remembered long after you grieve, long after am gone, long after I breathe. I leave all I am in the hands of history, that’s my last will. 


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