A Letter to Felix

I want more for you than the pain you have grown to accustomed to and carry around. Life isn’t meant for suffering, it isn’t about the disappointments and fears, it means so much more that you have experienced up to this point. There is so much more to learn, see and do. Don’t live your life discouraged because that is not living at all, things have not worked out perfectly for you because perfection is not possible because even excellence is not appreciated without mistakes.

Your story, testimony and your life all have more value than you know because greatness is not accorded by God to a chosen few; the problem is that it is put into practice by fewer people. You’re still alive and well enough to interpret these words for a reason because whatever happened to you did not kill you. You're more than your pain, your more than your heartbreaks, your more than your mistakes…you’re not behind, in fact your where you are supposed to be at this very minute - you’re not late, you’re not early. You are on time.

This is the perfect opportunity to make dreams come true, get motivated to do something. Volunteer to find your path, whatever you do just seek things that will bring you long term fulfillment not just temporary happiness. There’s no dollar value that can be attached to success, if you’re chasing money you will be running in circles for the rest of your life.

When you leave this earth, will your life be remembered? Will you being alive have meant something to someone? Will people know what was important to you? Will people be better because they knew you? Service is true success; you have to start giving your time to things that really matter, start putting forth effort to make your life a reality.

Every man and woman has his/her reason, everyone has their season its written in time. Though you were here for just a while, you made your mark. You did it in style and along the way you saved as soul or two. God bless you. Beyond the horizons the eyes can see, though you may not understand, i know there is a reason.

Anything can be accomplished if you hold that dream inside of you and you truly believe in yourself and believe in God - that's the number one thing -  you cant believe in yourself unless you believe in God and humble yourself to the point that you know your walking under his covenant. 

So my advice to you is walk under the covenant of God, follow his rule and everything will be alright!


Ger Odock


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