Friends, or so...

Once, i said i wanted to stop working and start business, some people predicted I’ve lost my mind and other told me to embrace witchcraft so that I steer clear of bad luck but business is like gambling, so I believe we are all passers’ by and for sure corpses don’t wash themselves. Guns don’t kill people, rather people kill people and since the world is not asleep, I view everything through the third eye. It’s the last days as the bible predicted, people have greed and envy, some hide in religion and we call them holy but some are vampires within. A lot was said when my girlfriend left me but that was a key learning which made me wiser. I have gone through a lot, challenges of all sorts that’s why I don’t get surprised when they talk about me when I pass through; behind the shades of dark light and the glare of the sun’s light. I have no more friends because most of them were no-where in my times of need, they taught me that when every other cock crows, it is not automatically the break of dawn. My blessings they can’t hold up, maybe just delay them, they’ve gone through sleepless nights to disgrace me, but God has graced me over time – 29 years later.
Others said I died in an accident; God please set me aside and safe. Then they said I have HIV because I lost weight fast, they want to bury me alive before I die. For sure my life is by my own strength and the Grace of God, I don’t believe in anyone but myself. Even when I drink water they say am drinking alcohol; i will not wish harm for those whom deserted me but when I keep quiet, don’t think I did not hear nor did I not know.
God rest in peace those who were talked about and then killed themselves though all of us are passing through, I believe life is a stage. People’s words are both poison and cure, please give me courage till the day you take my soul. Give strength to those who lost hope, words bring fights and deaths in the world that I live in, they count my mistakes and my good deeds they overlook, they laugh with me but simultaneously curse me at soul and at heart. They laugh when I am bereaved; they are the first to announce my problems to the world when I have problems. They wish to distort what God has planned for me, they preach peace but at their backs they are wielding machetes. Dear God you’re the judge, dear God please protect me from the challenges of this life, hold my hand so that I am humble rather than boast of wins.


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