I gave you a foot, now you want my whole leg

What do you do when life gets too hard for you? Shed tears, or is that too hard for you? Am just a man - reflection of my family meaning you don't have one to understand me. I have family and friend, the only difference between me and you is that i don't care about a lot of things. I care about those who are dying and they needed someone, i care about the children in the streets - they have dreams. Finally we have a young president, look at what they treat him. kids are starving in Africa, why do "parents" have them. What happened to my favorite musician? I miss it, you too. I guess we feel like Micheal Jackson.

The living, the dead, these times i live in, my life, at times its Ger, others Felix, adjacent to myself, they ain't chasing the same thing so i let all of my pain be painless. They say the end of the world is coming and i know its here because pastors are loosing their minds, the rich are richer and not caring for the poor, the poor are so poor that they forget God and am in the middle - not rich and not poor but am torn apart running away from one world seeking the other. If that does not wake you up, i hope tomorrow morning will.

I never thought I'd see the day when i would have people coming up to me about the things i think and write about. Felix why do you think like that? i tell them what i can, shake another hand and move along its cool, i love you too. I never did nothing but try to get better and believe in God and my mom, maybe i can never be accepted the way that i am - i mean i knew that it would be hard but really? come on now!

I hate running all through the tree, thought they be rooting for me, lies stacking, the truth is gorey forever holding on the grudges from my early struggles. They see you go out and get it then want it from you, Say you'll never be a winner, show up at your parade showing you smiles, inside hoping it fades but it changes, this love is dangerous fogging up my aim now am loosing focus!


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