This is food for thought, you do the dishes!!

I love my Lord savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart. His light shines bright when it seems like life is all in the dark. He makes me feel like it’s alright when my life is falling apart and he is always there to hear me when I call him to talk. He can turn your guilt into gracious, sinning to salvation so be patient when you are going through trials and tribulations. He is the creator of all creations, the ruler of all nations who was crucified to save us from satan and damnation. Temptation is hard to resist when hypocrites try to mislead you, but I believe in God and that he provides for his people, he is with you when you are lonely and when you hungry he is going to feed you. It’s the truth that money is the root of all of these evil, that’s why it’s hard for the rich to get into heaven because the wealth with tarnish your soul remember knowledge and understanding is better than silver and gold. Your lust for money can make you burn like you are cooking over the stove, but faith can make you twice as rich - I read this in the book of Joe.
Now, the bible may seem hard to understand because they wrote it back in the day, but if you pray you will be amazed how you comprehend every page. Easter, Christmas and all the Christian holidays are celebrated to make money not give the maker his praise. In this world we live in is filled with hatred and war, we are supposed to love each other but not many spirits are pure, soon Jesus will be back as said in Mathew 24 to destroy the world with fire – he did it with water before. So get on your knees repent to God and sing the gospel, if you believe then the blessing you will receive will probably shock you and if you righteous and follow his commandments you will sit by his side because the devil will try to knock you but God will take care of you.
From Genesis to revelation the Bible is education am dedicating my life to Christ instead of satan, but instead of waiting till your spirit is levitating awaken out of that spell because hell is devastating. You ain’t in it alone, he is here to protect you and he will never neglect you and when you are wrong he corrects you and shows you the right path to live like the righteous as long as you’re lifeless. You should love God more than you like cash because living your fast life will bring an end to your life fast. Worship the Lord he created the earth and heaven and please read John chapter 1 verse 7 and try to walk in the life because no one is perfect but I believe the words of proverbs chapter 11.

Am not trying to short change any one’s religion, I just opened my eye and made a wise decision. You see, satan divides and conquers and to conquer he needs division but there is only one God so you should only have one vision. When you walk with God no strength is lost so keep walking, when you talk with God no breathe is lost so keep talking, when you wait on God no time is lost so keep waiting. Some people hate but no love is lost, keep hating, the evil won’t survive when my God defeats satan. The waters are going to roar and the mountains will start shaking. Therefore, to praise God is what we here for, the devil is going to try and stop you but God has got you covered.


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