This life....

If I cry two tears for her that will be the most that I would give her. She left me stranded in my nightmares taking pictures of my memories while she right there. Twisting the blade in my heart deep, always in my mind so I can’t sleep. She used to tell me she was all mine now the only way I see her is online.

I’m doing drugs just trying to feel you; I’m killing me trying to reach you. I built my life around you; I thought I found it all when I found her. How’ you really feel I may never know. As I walk around with my hands on my waist and my eyes fixed to oblivion I realize some things never change; once in love and its gone you don’t look at it the same. To hell with love cause she doesn’t live here. I am soaked in blood but am still here. Heart breaks, straight faced, stressed out now feeling like I up and left you. I will be the first to say she ain’t the one you want to play with.

I said I wanted love and now am a slave to my grave, I won’t get out and I can’t quit. She menstruates weekly, her vibes covers kept me warm. The source of her heart is love and she used to be the object of my affections, God’s essence, God bless her. She made me some friends, many more resented me for writing about my life, that I should have stayed quiet. She took me to places I would have never seen without her. I doubt I’ll ever be the same, hallowed be thy name.


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